Monday, March 10, 2008

weekend ride

I managed to only ride Saturday this past weekend, but it was a fast-paced 30 miles solo road ride, so it was not all bad. I rode my Vanilla, I am really liking the more aggressive drop I have on it and I have not been bugged by any Brooks break-in period yet. The only issue I have been having is the longer crank-arms -it has 180mm crankarms, while all my other bikes have 175mm. Not a huge difference, but it does seem to bug my right knee a bit. Hopefully I will adapt to it quickly. I have been considering going to 180mm on my singlespeed for better leverage, but I worry about the rock clearance -- I already bang my 175mm crankarms quite regularly. So I think I'll stick with 175mm for mountain, and I'll have to monitor how I adapt to the 180mm carefully and decide whether to stick with it or go back to 175mm.

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