Sunday, March 16, 2008

monday bad will monday turn out to be? I smell 1987.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Film School

here's a video of film school from a few years ago, the lineup has changed quite a bit:

SXSW music

FIlm School was great live but they played newer songs that I was not as in to. Minipop is great as well-- a little smashing pumpkin'y, but that's alright by me:

Monday, March 10, 2008

weekend ride

I managed to only ride Saturday this past weekend, but it was a fast-paced 30 miles solo road ride, so it was not all bad. I rode my Vanilla, I am really liking the more aggressive drop I have on it and I have not been bugged by any Brooks break-in period yet. The only issue I have been having is the longer crank-arms -it has 180mm crankarms, while all my other bikes have 175mm. Not a huge difference, but it does seem to bug my right knee a bit. Hopefully I will adapt to it quickly. I have been considering going to 180mm on my singlespeed for better leverage, but I worry about the rock clearance -- I already bang my 175mm crankarms quite regularly. So I think I'll stick with 175mm for mountain, and I'll have to monitor how I adapt to the 180mm carefully and decide whether to stick with it or go back to 175mm.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

if only..

they imported it:

rumor is that Audi is not going to even bring back my car , the S4 Avant, to the states, in the upcoming redesign, so I doubt they will change their minds about this freak of nature machine.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Monday, March 03, 2008

progress coffee ride

well.. we did not get up in time for it on Sunday, but we did the route at 10:30 -- Jose, Ed, Shane, and I. Ed is in insanely good shape -- he ran 15 miles before this and still kicked our asses. I guess training for the Ironman is paying off. The ride would have been a really fast pace except for the fact of the 30 mph headwind we fought against. My plan this year is to do this ride at least twice a month, so I am 1 for 28.

ah halo 3, the gift that keep on giving

I am still not remotely tired of this game, my wii is gathering dust, as are all other games I have gotten in the last year. The mixture of squad combat and vehicles never gets old, and different game-types like capture the flag and shotty snipers are always a blast. My goals are to complete the "scout armor" -- I have the helmet and chest-piece, I have to get the shoulder pads. And I want to try to achieve the ranking of major, I am still a lt. but I am a step away from captain.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

first epic greenbelt ride of 2008

Hopefully we wont get 4 months of rain like last year, because the greenbelt is in fine condition, albeit a bit dusty. Perhaps a sprinkle every few days to keep the dust down. James, Matt, Daniel and I rode a 3 hour ride starting from Zilker to the Hill of Death, Cheesgrater, I think we hit Jedi Trail as well, I am not sure. Tough as hell on my singlespeed, my new seals from Hope still have not arrived, so my singlespeed is my only functioning mountain biking. James does not seem to have lost much fitness after 3 months off the bike due to his broken hand, which is very annoying.