Thursday, May 29, 2008

many universe theory in Lost

I dont know whether there will actually be a giant frozen donkey wheel under the island tonight, but I am starting to think Damon and Carl have the quantum many universe theory as a key structural element of their story. The revelation earlier this season that there is a Oceanic Flight 815 jet at the bottom of the ocean has many both in the show and watching the show believing it is a fake. Perhaps it is real. Perhaps the island forced a quantum singularity where one possible outcome of the jet crashed into the ocean, and the other crashed into the island...
I think evidence pointing to this will be the big reveal tonight.

Friday, May 16, 2008

last night's lost

pretty good episode, but it was a bit of a tease -- not much happened on island time, it seemed like most of the episode was spent in the flash-forward, where we find out when Jack learns his sister is Claire, and we find Hugo learning the island wont let him go as the numbers still appear. The episode had a few comedic moments, such as the "voices" leading to a surprise party, and the 15-year old saltines, all made me chuckle. I was under the mistaken impression that last night was the season finale, so I was miffed when the episode ended suddenly. So...two weeks until the 2-hr finale.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

mellow johnnys

I checked out Mr. Armstrong's new bike shop during lunch today. No sign of any of the Olsen twins, very disappointing. Lots of Trek bikes, big surprise there, but they also carried Seven Cycles, Merckx, De Sola, as well. And they had a bunch of fixed gear and commuter bikes, from Swobo and Masi amongst others. Clothing -- Swobo, Rapha, were represented. They have a coffee bar there as well, with the workstands in the center, not much room to wrench. I forget to check out the showers, but it was a pretty nice store overall, a bit more competition for BSS is a good thing -- I noticed a few BSS employees had defected to the shop.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


..infection. I hate Austin allergies. Slacked off on my neti pot and now I have 2 weeks of antibiotics. !@%^&$*@?

Monday, May 12, 2008

7 years of hope mini's, time for a change...

I am tired of all the retraction problems I have had with my hope mini disc brakes. The nasty DOT4 fluid is no fun to work with, and although I have gotten used to the squeal sounds, I always seem to startle people not used to it. And the two-piece rotors? Hate 'em. Impossible to true, and they get out of true easily.

I am going to give magura a try..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

the week in BSG and Lost

I am enjoying the fact that BSG and Lost are both showing new episodes at the same time, one night after the other other. It cannot get much better than that. Too bad it will end in another week. I believe BSG season 4 is being split into two 10-episode segments, so episode 10 is next week after last Friday's "Faith". I have no idea when the last 10 episodes will air. And Lost is winding up Season 4 and wont be back until next year. So this nice synchronicity will probably not happen again.
So theories..
-Locke is going to move the island but will pay a heavy price -- perhaps he will become trapped in the cabin?
-The weird switch on Keamy is a deadman's switch that will blow the freighter. It wont get triggered.
- Desmond will end up back on the island, much to his surprise.

And as for BSG, excellent episode on Friday, with the revelation that the final 5 are from earth, which dovetails with the
theory that everyone is a cylon. This also explains how Tigh existed before the "First" Cylon war. So my theory is:

- Kobal is the first settlement of cylons sent from earth.
(a) Cylons decide to forget they are synthetic and exist as humans.
-the "humans" re-create the cylons
-the cylons rebel and Kobal is destroyed
-the "humans" flee back towards earth
-the cylons cannot stay on Kobal, so they settle 12 other worlds.
-goto (a)

I am now doubting Roslin is the fifth, and I would be pissed if the fifth was a minor character, I think it is in fact the obvious choice -- Baltar - he is going to unite them all after Roslin dies.

Friday, May 09, 2008