Wednesday, April 23, 2008

battlestar galactica theory

pulling out my greek mythology expertise, there are 12 olympic gods and goddesses, there are known to be 12 cylon models.
The 12 olympic gods are:
7 male, 5 female

the Cylon Models:
One/Brother Cavil(m)
Two/ Conoy(m)
Three / D'Anna(f)
Four / Simon (m)
Five / Aaron (m)
Six / Caprica (f)
Eight / Athena/Boomer (f)
and the final 4/5 :
Anders(m), Tyrol(m),Foster(f).Tigh(m)

which gives 7 male, 4 female. I am not sure if mapping the models directly to a god works very well, however the 7:5 ratio seems likely to be kept. So who could the final one be?

The possible ones are Thrace(f), Baltar(m), and the President(f). All three have visions, which is think is a key indicator. Thrace's apparent resurrection makes her seem highly likely, but I suspect she is a red herring, too obvious. And Baltar seems like a good suspect as well, but he is male, so he does not fit. My money's on the president, it would be a shocker. Thrace would be too obvious.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

road riding in LA

I visited my friends Brendan and Meredith in LA this past weekend. Brendan, his friend Mark, and I did 65 mile ride that included a ride past one of Michael Eisner's estates, several other "compounds" (scientology ?), the pacific coast highway, and a return ride through some downright steep roads including Mullholand Drive. I am glad I was borrowing a cyclocross bike with low gearing -- I was spinning away at 32:28 quite a bit.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

more DSLR

so the rumor mill states that the 5DmkII will come out in about 2 weeks, will have proper weather sealing. Hopefully it will have a better frame rate than the current 5d. The current 5d's poor sealing rules it out for me. So I think I am down to 5DMkII versus D300, assuming the 5DMkII is not terribly overpriced.


Nikon vs Canon? Probably Canon. I like the controls on them better, however the D300 is an excellent camera. The Canon 5d is a lot cheaper these days, but I am curious to see what its imminent replacement will be in terms of price. I am spoiled by live preview on my Canon G9, it would be nice if the firmware and CPU on my DSLR were of comparable features. The Canon 40d seems to be at the right price point for me . The D300 seems to have better weather sealing though. hmmm. hmmm.

Monday, April 07, 2008

~80 miles of hill climbing this weekend

I did the ATC short loop plus extra stuff like Lost Creek , which added up to a boatload of hill climbing. I followed it up Sunday evening with a couple of loops up and down Mt. Bonnel, which was super-painful since my legs had not recovered from Saturday. I also cut down a tree in a backyard Paul Bunyan style. No chainsaw here!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

wheel upgrades

just when I though the Mavic R Sys looked pretty sexy, I saw this. So I'll be sticking with the old-fashioned wheels, thanks..