Wednesday, May 16, 2007

getting back into shape

I am about 10 lbs over where I was last year, it should not be difficult to lose, if I stick with my plan of commuting to work at least twice a week, 3 yoga classes, and 3-4 bike rides, with the intent of getting to regularly riding the 50 mile ATC dam loop this summer, and doing something like 24 miles/ 3 laps at muleshoe or some backtrail on the greenbelt. The ATC ride this past Saturday was difficult -- I tried keeping up with the "A"'s for a little while but got dropped on a long uphill. And singlespeeding on the greenbelt last night was a bit painful as well - I got myself dehydrated and was suffering. Question for myself is -- should I quit rowing? I have not done it all year.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

fixed gear mower!

fixed gear mower!
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bought a nice Brill push mower a few weeks ago. No noisy, polluting gas motor to deal with, nor annoying batteries or cords associated with an electric. My front and back yards are not exactly small, and it does get snagged on twigs and tall grass, but it feels good to mow the lawn in this manner.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Sacha with my frankenbike fit
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went to Portland,OR this past weekend for three reasons. One - check out Portland,OR as a potential next place to live, if my current job does not work out and/or I get tired of Austin. Two- visit my friend Elizabeth, who moved out there last year for culinary school. Three - get fitted for a new bike at Vanilla. Portland was very nice, it did not rain at all when I was visiting, it has an amazingly strong bike culture and loads of hipsters, I even ran into Stephen Malkmus at the coffee shop.
my bike is going to be pretty cool..