Monday, February 11, 2008

weekend rides

just managed one this weekend. I rode the Austin Tri-cyclist ride on Saturday morning..still friggin' cold in the morning. I kept up for the first 6 miles or so, and then got dropped as they sped up on the hills while I started wheezing from some allergies or a slight cold I had. I was pretty tired after that. I then proceeded to walk Gizmo around town lake at a good pace, making me more tired. Sunday I did yoga in the morning, where I felt really sore -- I think I never rehydrated Saturday -- cold dry days always throw me off.I was planning to ride my groover on a short ride in the afternoon after I tuned it up but I ended up having to replace the drive side bearing, which was quite crunchy, and the rear piston was seized, sending me on a chase around town for some Valvoline synlube brake fluid , which was sold out everywhere I searched. So no bike ride. Terilingua is this week, I am not in shape for it, but I'll have a good time. There are snow reports for this weekend out there. That would be a blast.

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