Monday, February 25, 2008

weekend rides - waco

Saturday, I did a short solo Mt. Bonnel loop for about 18 miles, saving my energy for Sunday at Cameron Park, Waco. First time to Waco, the park is a diamond in the rough, to say the least. Waco is a total shithole from what I saw. But Cameron Park is worth the drive. Nice tight singletrack, very hilly. I believe the main loop is about 8 miles and we did 2 loops for about 15-16 miles. It would be very difficult to race there -- very few places to pass. Could be pretty interesting. I rode with Bob,Chris, and Kathy, all of whom are in far better shape than me. I had a hard time with it on my singlespeed, I was running 34x19, going to 32-19 or 34-20 might be better. There are very few flat spots, so I dont have to worry about spinning out much I would spin out on the downhills anyways,so going to a very low gearing is probably a very wise idea. 32-20?

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