Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Sync In Progress
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I caved to peer pressure, materialism, geekness, yuppie-ism, and bought an Apple iPhone on Friday. It's lovely, and I am glad I went for it.
Call quality is far better than my Razr, I have my work, google, and apple e-mail accounts configured, it can access the wi-fi at home and at work and I will be adding Bouldin Creek, Jo's, Whole Foods, etc, wi-fi as I go there. I almost dont really need a laptop anymore. e-mail is great, web-browsing is fairly convenient, so it is good enough for the coffee shops. Annoyances -- typing takes getting used to and entering passwords is a pain since there is no option to see the password you are typing. No iChat or Messenger. There should be. SMS emulates ichat, but it is not quite the same. And no GPS or cell-tower triangulation to help with google maps, which really sucks.

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