Friday, March 06, 2009

BSG almost over..

BSG is almost over, and I think they have been dragging out the ending for too long. I was into the bleakness and despair of the characters as they realized they were all fucked, but how many episodes do I have to see of people drinking themselves into oblivion? The revelations have been as I expected -- the "final 5" are from Earth and they come from cylons who pretty much forgot they were cylons to begin with. I still believe that everyone is a frakkin' cylon though. Starbuck realizes this -- only she and a #2 are privy to the secret that she has been resurrected. I am disappointed with Baltar's treatment, it is almost as if they forgot about him the past half season and now they are dusting him off for a part in the finale. He is definitely special and seems to be aware of something that Ellen is not.

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