Wednesday, January 28, 2009

bike racing

I have been slacking off the past few weeks due to allergies, the holidays, and the weather. I definitely am not as in shape as I wanted to be, but am improved from last fall. I still have to drop 8 more pounds at least to get to what I was 2 years ago, and ideally I would like to get down another 15 lbs to 200. Doing 14 hours a week of base miles is a bit nuts in this weather, I have to scale back to shorter roller rides in the mornings and evenings or risk getting bronchitis. My vicious cycles motivator race frame has not been put in the queue yet, so best case I would get the rig at the end of April. So..Spring Series goals -- race at least 2 races to get some exposure, and keep on putting in long weekend rides to build up my endurance, aiming towards the fall series and the 24 hour races to be more competitive.

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