Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lost Finale

forgot to post about this last week. Lost Finale? Excellent. It went down very closely to what I expected, I knew the island would be moved in time and space, but I was thrown off that the mechanism did indeed appear to be a frozen donkey wheel, pretty sneaky and hidden in plain sight since the finale was announced to be "The Frozen Donkey Wheel" last year.

The dark matter hint in the Marvin Candle video still gives credence to my many worlds theory, but there is not much to back that up concretely with anything other than the duplicate bunnies in the Candle Orchid video released last year. I was hoping to a flashback to the aircraft from last year, but I did not get it. I still suspect the aircraft on the bottom of the ocean really does have the dead "original" Flight 815.

As for Locke being in the coffin, my theory last year was it was either Michael or Locke, (who else could it have been?) and it became clear halfway through the season that Michael would be making a heroic sacrifice to redeem himself. But why did the island let Locke die? If it was not done with him, as it does not seem to be with Jack or any of the Oceanic 6, or Ben or it would not let him die..hmm. Could the Locke in the coffin be a duplicate generated when the island moved? Or maybe the original? One who actually survived the crash into the ocean? At minimum, the Locke character will not really die but will exist in flashbacks for the next two seasons. And he will probably be back in the "Zombie Season" -- which I though was a joke when Damon mentioned it on the podcasts, but now I am paying attention to thanks to the donkey wheel..

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