Tuesday, January 22, 2008

watching inland empire on rollers

weather is super-crappy right now, I had to use my rollers to get some exercise last night. So for the first 45 minutes of watching Inland Empire, I was on my rollers, trying to maintain my balance while trying to figure out what David Lynch was up to, which made it twice as surreal.
Inland Empire was like an all star reprisal of David Lynch's past work -- it explored similar themes to his last work -- evil traveling via electricity -- the electrical outlets,lights in Twin Peaks, telephone in Mulholland Drive, and the lamps in Inland Empire. It was overall most similar to Mulholland Drive, with Laura Dern playing the lost actress. Plenty of cameos from his past actors. Even Naomi Watts was there as the voice of one of the rabbit people. And the log-cutters at the end -- Twin Peaks ?? I have to do some more thinking about what this movie was about, one thing is for sure, it was far more terrifying than any of his past ones.


Neesha said...

Glad I didn't watch it with you. The flash of synchronized trace exercise was enough for me!

Neesha said...

Oops! I meant trance.