Wednesday, June 13, 2007

singlespeed ride, gizmo kills a crow

I rode Walnut Creek on my singlespeed last night, that was the first time I had ridden WC all year, and still one of the first few singlespeed rides this year after my hamstring injury. It is amazing to see how built up the trails are up there. Mark Heneke has done a great job. I feel like I have good endurance but I just feel slow. Dropping the 10+ lbs I have gained this winter will help out -- bike commuting to work and at least 4 rides a week will contribute a lot.

Gizmo has killed his second animal this year. He snagged a crow, or some other black bird, that was on the ground and taking off -- he jumped up and grabbed its wing and brough it down and bit it a couple of times. I got him out of the park quickly as there were about 20 pissed birds squawking up a storm and diving at him.

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